Yorgi and Vlad

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:The window is transparent with modular Xorg, E17 and all the bling!
A:You can use an environment variable to stop using the upper 8 of 32 bits, create a shell file and execute it instead of the frogs binary like so

echo "#!/bin/sh
# to stop translucency in Xdamage
cd ~/frogs
./frogs -w" > /usr/local/bin/frogs
# chmod +x /usr/local/bin/frogs
# frogs
Getting fullscreen mode back the way it was, well, please stand by.

Q: Why does it look so strange and fuzzy?
A: Linus's artistic impression of a dark artsy 'noire kind of feeling.
Only the opening title graphic and the frog themselves are converted from the original EGA art to VGA, the rest has been completely redrawn but I liked the look of the converted art so I tried to make the new stuff look just like it.

Q: How long did it take to produce?
A: Including the sound, elf engine port, old art conversion, new art creation, completely programming from scratch total all together a little over eight months but it's still not finished completely.

Q: What's left to do?
A: I have several chapters of the story left to simulate, two complete rooms, one you'll get to through the skylight, the other by sinking in the water hazard by the power station.

Q: Did it really come to you in a dream?
A: Yes, I kept having it for about a week and took notes on a microcassette recorder under my pillow when I woke up. I do a lot of programming in my sleep.

Q: What is with the leftmost lever and the mouse?
A: I distinctly remember in the dream there were four levers, I never noted what lever #1 did however but I painted it anyway just in case I remember. Call it, "room for expansion".