Socket AM2 Workstation Project Codename: "Senor Beavis"
2 Link Depot 12cm crystal green led fans 77cfm@33db fore and aft
Zalman nickel plated ultra quiet cpu cooler cnps9500 am2 with green led fan
Thermaltake all aluminum case vd3000swa with badges stripped/panel painted black
Antec Neo HE High Efficiency 500 watt sli certified power supply
Promise FastTrak TX2000 ata raid controller
2 Seagate 120gb barracuda hard drives mirrored
Gigabyte GA-M59SLI-S5 socket am2 motherboard
AMD 4600+ X2 windsor cpu
2x1gb Corsair XMS2 Extreme Performance DDR2 800 pc 6400 ram
2 Jaton nvidia geforce 7900GT 256mb SLI video cards
WinTV Go BT878 PCI Television Reciever card
BTC aluminum keyboard with black keys
X Raider Flexiglow green led mouse pad
Lian-Li Aluminum Product Series Metal Casters wheels stand with brake
Vantec steel braided round uv cables
Black Sharpie Magnum Sized Permaneant Marker
all pictures captured with a security camera plugged into the bt878 card

30 degrees centigrade core temperature

the entire front panel is one big metal screen over black cloth air vent

25 degrees centigrade inside the cabinet
wheels are what separate the minis from the micros

painted the door handle black just to tie it all together

round cables increase air flow, those are vent holes in the handle

and of course the obligatory screen shot, e17 on gentoo amd64